Finance Charges

Emory charges a monthly finance charge of 1.5% on all past-due balances.

Students who do not pay their account balance, or enroll in a payment plan, by the published deadline each semester may be subject to schedule cancellation. If this occurs, the student will be dropped from all courses and will no longer have access to course materials via Canvas or other services. Students may get reinstated by contacting the Student Accounts and Billing Office to bring their account current, depending on the timeframe in which payment is received. Students are encouraged to settle their balances prior to cancellation to avoid any disruption in their courses.


When a student has an overdue balance, an indicator is placed on the student’s account. Holds can be viewed under the Tasks tile in OPUS. The most common holds used by Student Accounts and Billing Office are:

  • Registration/Enrollment Holds
    : Prevents the student from registering for a future term or making changes to current enrollment
  • Transcript Holds: Prevents the student from obtaining a copy of their official transcript
  • Diploma Holds: For graduating students with an outstanding balance; prevents the student from obtaining their diploma upon graduation


At the close of each semester, Emory will send any past-due balance to our billing servicer, Heartland/ECSI, which will continue to attempt to collect the balance. If payment is not received, the student’s account may be transferred to external collection agencies where additional fees will apply. Balances also may be reported to a credit bureau. 

If you believe an outstanding balance is an error, please contact us to discuss. Please do not ignore our balance notifications. Doing so may result in accrued fees, negative credit reporting, and outside collection activity.