Student Financial Services

Tuition Rates

Unless specifically enrolled in an Emory Payment Plan, full payment of your student account balance is due by the date indicated on the statement. A 1.5 percent finance charge will be assessed per month on any past due balance. You are responsible for making your account payments on time, whether or not you receive a billing statement. Due dates are not extended because of lost or delayed mail. If you do not receive a billing statement, you still must make your payment by the stated due date in order to avoid additional charges.

It is the policy of Emory University that a student is not allowed to register for a subsequent semester until all past due financial obligations are paid. A delinquent account balance will result in the cancellation of the student’s schedule. The University may not furnish transcripts or diplomas if a student is delinquent in paying student account or loan obligations. An account deemed uncollectible by the University may be reported to a credit bureau and referred to a collection agency.

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