Student Financial Services

Third Party Billing

If a third party (i.e., outside agency, corporation or Prepaid Tuition Program) will be paying all or part of your tuition and fees, and the third party requires a bill or invoice to be mailed directly from Student Financial Services, a written authorization form must be received from the third party twenty-one days prior to registration for each term. This authorization form can be requested from our office at any time. Students should be reminded not to send their student bill to their sponsor, but ensure that the authorization forms are complete in Student Financial Services. Most state prepaid tuition programs send a roster of eligible students to the University and this will suffice as the authorization form. It is recommended that the student contact our office to ensure their name appears on the program roster.

Students will be given temporary credit on their account in the amount of the agreement. The student retains the responsibility for on-time payment of their account. If payment is not received in a timely fashion, the credit will be removed, and the student will be charged for the remaining balance which may include finance charges. Questions regarding this process can be forwarded to our Third Party Payment Coordinator at 404-712-8726.

Examples of Third Party Payment Sponsors at Emory:
Florida Pre Paid Tuition Program, Center for Disease Control, U.S. Navy, Department of Health and Human Services, Coca Cola Company, Home Depot Intel, Lucent Technologies, General Motors Corporation, Singapore Management, Verizon.