Student Financial Services

Student Account

Upon entrance to Emory University, an account is created for each and every student. This account will remain with the student during their entire enrollment at the university. All university charges, financial aid and payments pass through this account. Secure 24 hour access to this financial information is provided through the OPUS student system. Every student is strongly encouraged to familiarize themselves with the OPUS system and specifically their student account information.

In addition, the Student Financial Services menu within OPUS provides online processes for several activities related to this account. Students can make a payment to their account, sign up for direct deposit of a refund, enroll in the Emory Payment Plan and print current or previous billing statements.

Since access is around the clock, students can check the status of any activity (i.e. is the account cleared for registration?), without having to phone or visit the main office. The menu items on this page provide further detail of Student Account activities.