Student Financial Services

Signup for Direct Deposit of Refunds

Financial aid is shown as a credit on the preterm bill. When the proper documentation for each award is received, funds will be applied directly to the student's account. If you are a financial aid recipient and your bill does not reflect anticipated aid, please review OPUS for the status of your financial aid file. (Financial aid funds disbursed by co payable check require the student's endorsement prior to being credited to the student account.)

If you are due a refund from a Financial Aid credit or tuition adjustment, you can receive this amount via direct deposit to your bank account. Beginning in the Fall of 2011, all refunds must be processed through direct deposit. The direct deposit feature will substantially reduce the wait time you would experience if a manual check was issued and mailed. For those students receiving aid refunds this is especially helpful at the beginning of each term when non tuition expenses such as books, supplies and rent are due.

To sign up for Direct Deposit, sign into OPUS and from the Student homepage, select the Financial Account tile > Direct Deposit.