Student Financial Services

Returned Payments

If a payment (paper check or ACH) fails to clear, a $25 fee is assessed to the student's account. If the returned payment is for an initial registration payment, the student may have his classes canceled. Students/parents are urged to contact Student Financial Services immediately if they have a returned payment (NSF, incorrect account number, etc.) After three returned payments, the student/parent will be required to make further payments with cash, cashier's check, or money order. A hold may also be placed on the cashing of personal checks at the cashier's office.

Payments made through the Emory OnLine payment system can only be made from standard checking and savings accounts. Credit card checks or checks associated with a line of credit or a brokerage account will not be accepted. If an online payment is returned, a $25 service fee is posted to the student account and the attempted payment is reversed. An enrollment hold may also be placed on the student account until the balance has been paid.