Student Financial Services

Private College 529 Plan

Emory University has joined over 270 colleges across the country in sponsoring a prepaid tuition plan, Private College 529 (formerly Independent 529 Plan). As an additional service to families and institutions, Private College 529 recently launched a new website:, which offers tools and guidance to help American families achieve their college savings and planning goals.

Private College 529 Plan is a guaranteed way to lock in affordable tuition rates, independent of tuition increases or market volatility. The increase in value and distributions from Private College 529 accounts are federal tax free. Families that enroll in the plan are not locked into sending their child to any specific institution. The credits can be used at any of the 270+ participating institutions to which the student is admitted. If a child received a scholarship or decides not to attend a participating institution, the certificates can be transferred to other family members or even refunded.

Accounts can be opened as little as $25 or as much as five years of tuition at the most expensive participating college; there are no fees and the accounts are free from federal tax. The certificates can be redeemed any time after three years from time of purchase.

Private College 529 Plan is the only national prepaid tuition plan. Private College 529 payments are applied to tuition only. For further detail, visit the website.