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Emory University departments may request Faculty/Staff/Student photos to be used for official University business. To have your official University ID card ready for pick up upon your arrival to campus, we ask that you submit a professional color photo. Photos for the EmoryCard are to be close up, showing a full front view of your face and shoulders according to the requirements shown on the Photo Submission Guidelines link. The card must provide the best photo possible for official university business. With certain exceptions for religious accommodations, you are not permitted to wear hats, sunglasses, or any other article that may obstruct the face or hair.

Benefits to submitting a photo online:

  • You can preload funds to your Eagle Dollars account by calling our office the day before you arrive to campus;
  • You can chose the photo on your EmoryCard; and
  • There is no waiting in long lines to take a photo.

It is understood that by submitting a photo online for your official University ID, you agree that the photo may be used by Emory University Student Records and/or the University Health Service. Please contact EmoryCard Services if you have questions about this policy: Phone: 404-727-6095 or Email:
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The EmoryCard is the property of Emory University and its use is governed by Emory University-EmoryCard Services policies and regulations. You must present a valid government-issued photo identification document in order to pick up your EmoryCard ID.