Student Financial Services

On/Off-campus Eagle Merchant Locations

You can use your EmoryCard at any dining facility on campus and at participating merchants off campus. Eagle Merchants purchases can only be made with Eagle Dollars. The merchants listed below accept the EmoryCard for payment.

You can use your EmoryCard for such purchases as long as you have sufficient funds available in your Eagle Account. When you wish to make a purchase in person, present your EmoryCard for payment.

On-Campus Merchants
Eagle Dollars are accepted at all on-campus dining locations to include dining halls, coffee shops, food courts, convenience stores, food trucks, and the Farmers Market. If you are a student using your EmoryCard in a campus dining operation, the system will first access your Dooley Dining Dollars before using your Eagle Dollars account.

Below is a list of On-Campus Eagle Merchant locations. Please note: the listed Eagle Merchants only accept Eagle Dollars; not Dooley Dining Dollars.

Woodruff Library
Pitts Library
Candler Library
Health Sciences Library

Vending Machines
Woodruff Hall
Woodruff PE Center
Harris Hall
McTyeire Hall
Few and Evans Hall
Dobbs Hall
Thomas Hall
Use Eagle Dollars for campus-wide printing; EaglePrint locations here.
Oxford College
Goizueta Business School

Barnes and Noble - Main Campus
Barnes and Noble - Oxford College


Off-Campus Merchants
CVS - Oxford College, Covington GA
CVS - Druid Hills
CVS - Emory Village
CVS - Emory Point
Dominos - Emory Village
Keba - N. Druid HIlls
Marcos Pizza
Majik Touch Cleaners
Romeo's Pizza
Saba - Emory Village
Whole Foods Market - Briarcliff Rd
Zoe's Kitchen - Emory Village

Dooley Dollars are accepted at all on-campus dining locations.