Student Financial Services

Obtaining an EmoryCard

First Year Undergraduate, Graduate School, and
Transfer Students:

One of the first and most important activities as a new student will be obtaining your official University ID. As a new student to Emory, you are encouraged to take advantage of the online photo submission option. The EmoryCard Services Office has created an easy, convenient process for you to do this.

My First Photo is an online photo submission application that is designed to greatly speed up the process by which new EmoryCards are created. Applicants will encounter a self-edit process that will ensure that pictures are acceptable, loadable and allow our office to create an EmoryCard in advance of your arrival onto the Emory campus.

Prior to submitting a photo, be sure to read the instructions and photo guidelines carefully. Photos that do not meet the specified criteria may be rejected and you will be required to restart the process. Upon approval of your submitted photo, your EmoryCard will be distributed directly to you:

  • First Year Undergrad Students – EmoryCard distribution will occur at Residence Hall check-in
  • Graduate/Transfer Students – EmoryCard distribution will occur either at your orientation or through
    your school.

Photo Submission Guidelines

Online Photo Submission Deadlines: You must submit your photo online no later than:

August 1st for Fall Semester
January 2nd for Spring Semester

Please Note: Each school has its own submission deadline which is based on its Orientation schedule. Be sure to check policies the deadline date listed in your Orientation packet as it may differ from the dates listed above.

Failure to upload your photo online, prior to the aforementioned deadlines, will require you to have your photo taken at the EmoryCard Services Office upon your arrival to campus. This on-site option may be time consuming and create difficulties in getting Residence Hall access as well as making purchases.

Submit Your Photo TODAY! Click Here to access the My First Photo application.

New Employees:

As a new employee to Emory University, you will participate in an online New Employee Orientation process in which you will be asked to submit a photo online for your official University ID. Please read the Photo Submission Guidelines carefully prior to your photo submission. Once a photo is submitted and approved, you may pick up your EmoryCard at the EmoryCard Services office upon arrival to campus.

Alumni and Retiree ID Cards

Alumni and Retirees may purchase an Emory Member Card for $10.00. The Alumni card is valid for 2 years and the Retieree Card is valid for 5 years. The card enables alumni to gain access to the Robert W. Woodruff Library; deposit funds onto a personal, declining balance Eagle Dollars account for purchases at participating on- and off-campus Eagle Merchants; and to gain access into the WPEC Athletic Center, provided an alumni membership is purchased. At the end of the expiration year, the Member Card must be renewed.

The EmoryCard is the property of Emory University and its use is governed by Emory University-EmoryCard Services policies and regulations. You must present a valid government-issued photo identification document in order to pick up your EmoryCard ID.