Student Financial Services

Notary Public

SFS provides Notary Public Services , on a limited basis, to current students and employees for no charge. Background checks, release of information and title transfers (non-real estate) are examples of standard documents that can be notarized in the office. All individuals MUST have a secondary ID in addition to their Emory ID.

Acceptable ID’s are:

• The card or document is issued by a government agency.
• It has a number assigned by that agency.
• It has a picture of the holder.
• It has the signature of the holder.
(Driver’s License, Passport, Green Card)

Please Note:
Individuals requesting documents to be notarized that require a witness, must provide their own witness at time of signing. Office Notaries always reserve the right NOT to notarize a document, at their discretion. Examples include: Documents not in English, Pre-Nuptial, I-9, Real Estate, Wills, Divorce and Child Custody/Support and Power of Attorney.