Student Financial Services

Make a Payment

There are several ways to make a payment to your student account.

You can mail a payment directly to our office address:

Student Financial Services
Emory University
101 B. Jones Center
Atlanta, Georgia 30322
Please write the student’s seven digit ID number on the check.

You can make your payment through the Emory Online payment process located on OPUS. The Emory online system allows you to authorize a payment from your savings or checking account directly to your student account. This is the easiest and quickest way to make a payment. Please note that payments made through this method are single authorization. You cannot set up an ongoing payment to be made into the future. Student Financial Services does not auto draft your account.

If you are using an international bank, you can use the new Western Union Business Solutions payment process located inside of OPUS. This process will exchange many different currencies to U.S Dollars and transfer payment directly to your Emory student account. Using this method greatly reduces fees and time.

(See Available Currencies)

There are several reasons to use this new process:

  • You can easily make a bank to bank transfer by choosing the Payment Options/Foreign Currency link inside of the OPUS Finances section..
  • You make your payment in the currency of your choice which will then be converted to U.S. Dollars.
  • There are NO transaction charges from WUSB or Emory University, though you may be charged a transaction fee by your bank.
  • The exchange rate is valid for 72 hours after you have initiated the transaction. Your confirmation and payment must be received by WUSB within that period.
  • The exchange rate is competitive when compared to retail rates of your financial institution. For many students their bank service fees are also reduced because the transaction is being initiated as a local transfer.
  • Payments received will include your reference information and will ensure that your payment reaches your student account quickly.

If you cannot use the WUSB/Emory system, you can wire transfer your payment. These instructions are on the OPUS menu. Please see policies regarding wire transfers.

You can also make a payment in person at the cashier windows in our lobby.

Please note that Emory University does not permit the use of credit cards or debit cards for student account payments. On line payments can only be made from a standard checking or savings account.