Student Financial Services

Lost / Stolen Card

If you suspect your card is lost or stolen, play it safe and report it immediately to EmoryCard Services via My EmoryCard Web Center or by calling 404-727-6095. On the next business day, please come by our office and secure your new card.

If you have an open Eagle Dollars account, meal plan, or Dooley Dollars account, you will need to go to our online card office – My EmoryCard Web Center -- as soon as possible and report the card lost; select “DEACTIVATE CARD”. You may also report your lost/stolen card to us directly, This will prevent anyone from using your Eagle Dollars funds, Dooley Dollars funds, or your meal plan.

In addition to deactivating your card via the My EmoryCard Web Center, if you are an on-campus resident, please report your lost/stolen card immediately to the On-Call staff in the residence halls or by contacting the Emory Police. Access privileges do not automatically get deactivated through the EmoryCard Web Center, so it is important to complete both steps.

The replacement fee for an EmoryCard is $30.00 (Beginning 1 Sept 2015) and must be paid at the time the card is made. Please note: replacement fee costs are subject to change.

*If you have previously lost your ID and had it replaced and then lose the new one, if you find the old card it CANNOT be reinstated. Once a card is reported lost and/or stolen, for safety reasons, it cannot be reactivated.