Student Financial Services

Loans Admin & Serviced by Emory University

If you are awarded a campus-based (i.e., Perkins) or Emory Private loan by the Office of Financial Aid, all promissory notes and required documents will be electronically provided to you by Student Financial Services, through our third party servicer ECSI. You will receive an email directing you to an ECSI website where your promissory notes can be signed on line. This web account will remain with you for your entire history with Emory, including repayment.

The appropriate documents must be signed electronically before your loan proceeds can be credited to your account. Upon leaving Emory or enrolling for less than six credit hours, you will be required to complete an exit interview for each loan you have borrowed. This can be accomplished via your ECSI web account.

The following lists of loan programs are those serviced by Emory University. When entering repayment for any of these loans your payments are made to the University via our processor, ECSI. Please note that Federal Stafford Loans are not serviced by Emory University. You must consult your original Stafford lender for repayment information.

Federal/Campus Based

Federal Perkins Loan
Nursing Student Loan (Grad/Undergrad)
Nurse Faculty Loan Program
Loans for Disadvantaged Students
Health Professions Loans
Primary Care Loans

Emory Based Loans

Allied Health Tuition Loan
Koyer Loan
Barton Theology Loan
Medical Dean's Loan
Medical Alumni Loan
Smithloff Medical Loan
Dietz Business School Loan
Emory Clinic Loan
Georgia Pediatric Loan
Andrews Loan
Richardson Loan
Allison Loan
Goodson Loan