Student Financial Services

Exit Interview Requirements

When a student who has campus-based loans graduates or withdraws from Emory, the student will be contacted for an exit interview by Student Financial Services.

Emory must conduct an exit interview with each borrower. During the interview, Emory restates for the borrower the terms and outstanding balance of the loan held by the University, and the borrower's duty to repay the loan in accordance with the repayment schedule. Emory explains to the borrower the consequences of defaulting including, at a minimum, possible referral to a collection firm, reporting to a credit bureau, and litigation. Emory explains the borrower's rights and responsibilities under the loan.

These are:
  • The borrower's responsibility to inform the University immediately of any change of name, address, telephone number, or Social Security number.
  • The borrower's right to deferment or cancellation and the procedures for filing for those benefits.
  • The borrower's responsibility to contact the University in timely manner, before the due date of any payment he or she cannot make.

Students that have loan(s) with Emory and fail to complete their exit interview will have a hold placed on all of the student's University records. For convenience, beginning in 2003, these exit interviews can be completed on-line. The student will be contacted by email at the time of exit and be provided with an ID and password to the exit interview site.