Student Financial Services


The EmoryCard is the official Identification Card of Emory University, and is managed by Student Financial Services, a department of Financial Operations. EmoryCard is located on the first floor of the Boisfeuillet Jones Building, Room 101. The office is open Monday thru Friday from 8:30 am until 4:30 pm and can be contacted at 404-727-6095.

The EmoryCard also permits access to facilities and events and can be used to purchase goods and services at the university and at a wide range of merchants throughout the community. The access portion of the card is based on the approval given to you by that facility. Common university area access, such as the Woodruff Library, is automatically granted to everyone. Areas such as the Woodruff PE Center are automatically granted to all students, but Faculty/Staff must purchase a membership.

For students, the EmoryCard holds the meal plan and access to Dining at Dobbs as well as the ability to make retail purchases around campus using the Dooley Dollars portion of the card. When using the Eagle Dollars portion of the card, students can make purchases of products and services both on and off campus.

Obtaining Your Card
First year undergraduate students will be issued an EmoryCard when checking into Resident Housing, provided a photo has been submitted previously through, Your First Photo. If you don't send a picture ahead of time, you can visit the card office upon arrival to have one made. We strongly encourage students to complete the on line process during the summer.

Graduate and transfer students will be issued an EmoryCard during orientation or through their school. Grad/transfer students can also submit a photo early to the same online link as first year students or have one made at the office upon arrival.

Faculty & Staff ID Cards
Please see the following link Faculty and Staff.

Alumni ID Cards
Alumni may purchase an EmoryCard for $10.00. It is valid for two years and then must be renewed. It entitles alumni to gain access to the Robert W. Woodruff Library and is used to access the WPEC Athletic Center if you purchase a WPEC alumni membership. Alumni may also place funds on the EmoryCard in the form of Eagle Dollars for purchases on or off campus through the Eagle Merchants program.

The EmoryCard is the property of Emory University and its use is governed by the University's regulations and policies.