Student Financial Services

Eagle Dollars vs. Dooley Dollars

Eagle Dollars are dollar for dollar, declining balance funds that reside on your EmoryCard. Funds can be added to your account in a variety of ways, can be used by Faculty, Staff and Students, and are accepted at on- and off-campus locations that accepts the EmoryCard. A full list of Eagle Merchants is provided under the Using your EmoryCard tab within the EmoryCard Services website.

Not only do Eagle Dollars rollover from the fall to spring semester, but they also rollover to the next academic year. Eagle Dollars continue to rollover until you graduate or leave the University at which time any unused Eagle Dollar funds of $25.00 or more will automatically be reimbursed by check through the University Student Financial Services department. Eagle Dollar fund balances of $24.99 or less will only be refunded upon written request to the EmoryCard Services office.

Dooley Dollars are an enhancement to your Dining Plan that gives you the flexibility of eating meals outside of the main cafeteria. Dooley Dollars work like a debit account on your EmoryCard with purchases automatically deducted from the balance on the account. Dooley Dollars can be used to make purchases at on-campus dinning locations only. Your Dooley Dollars rollover from the fall to spring semester, but they do NOT rollover to the next academic year. Dooley Dollars are non-refundable.

Funds reside on your EmoryCard for one card and cashless convenience.  
Purchase food at any on-campus dining location; including dining hall, coffee shops, food courts, convenience stores, food trucks, and Domino’s.  
Receive a 5% discount when using as a payment method at on-campus dining locations only.  
Included in the purchase of all Emory Dining Plans; dollar amounts vary depending on plan.  
Purchase drinks, snacks and school supplies from vending machines all over campus.  
Make purchases at participating Off-campus Eagle Merchant locations; including restaurants, grocery stores, drug stores, and various other places. See Eagle Merchant Locations on the EmoryCard Services website;

Be on the lookout for the “Eagle Dollars Accepted Here” window decal and become a loyal Eagle Merchant customer.
Make purchases at the Emory University Bookstore to buy textbooks, school supplies and official Emory University memorabilia. Receive discounts during promotional periods throughout the year.  
Pay for copies and printing at the Emory University libraries and through the EaglePrint program.  
Carry funds forward from semester to semester until you graduate, withdraw, transfer, or terminate from Emory University at which time balances over $25 are automatically refunded.  
Manage your funds online through the EmoryCard Web Center;  

Note: Dooley Dining Dollars carry forward from semester to semester. They do NOT carry forward to the next academic year. Balances are non-refundable.