Student Financial Services

Deadlines - Spring 2019

If you are prescheduled for Spring Semester by December 7, 2018, a billing statement will be generated for you during the week of December 10, 2018. Students will receive an email notification that their billing statement is available on OPUS for viewing and printing. Email will be the only notification process for billing. Billing statements are not mailed. The payment due date is January 9, 2019.

If you pre-schedule after December 7, 2018, OPUS will be your only source for billing information. Your charges will be calculated when you register and you can determine the amount you owe by viewing your OPUS account. (The navigation is View Your Account-Summary then Item Details for Spring 2019).

We strongly encourage students to use the online payment function within OPUS to make their registration payment. To facilitate the payment process, we suggest you use the OPUS feature called OPUS Guest Access. With Guest Access, you will be able to authorize up to five guests with access to OPUS pages you have selected for them. Some of the Finances items you will be able to authorize for your Guest include View Monthly and Registration Bills, Make On-Line Payment, Make Emory Card Deposit, Enroll in Payment Plan, and View Account Detail. See the Guest Access information page on this website for further details.

Student Financial services also provides a “Bill Payer” email address field (in the profile section of OPUS) where an additional email address can be added to receive copies of the emails sent to students.

Spring 2019 Emory Tuition Adjustment Schedule:

Emory College, Undergrad Business School, and Oxford College

Withdrawl Date On or Before Reducton Percentage
1/22/2019 100%
1/29/2019 80%
2/5/2019 60%
2/12/2019 40%
2/19/2019 20%
After 2/19/2019 0%

Allied Health, Graduate Business School, Graduate School, Nursing School, School of Public Health, and Theology School*

Withdrawl Date On or Before Reducton Percentage
1/21/2019 100%
1/28/2019 80%
2/4/2019 60%
2/11/2019 40%
2/18/2019 20%
After 2/18/2019 0%

* Contact Student Financial Services at (404) 727-6095 for School of Medicine and special programs tuition and fee reduction percentage inquiries.

Law School

Withdrawl Date On or Before Reducton Percentage
1/14/2019 100%
1/21/2019 80%
1/28/2019 60%
2/4/2019 40%
2/11/2019 20%
After 2/11/2019 0%