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Campus Safety

Help us keep our campus safe and secure. Access control works only if everyone follows the guidelines that promote security. If your card fails to work to access your residence hall, ask for assistance from your residential area office during normal business hours, or, after 4:30 p.m. or on the weekend, please go to the front desk for your area and they can contact the RD on call. To make sure everyone in your building and the buildings you visit remains safe and secure, remember:

  • Do not prop open doors to residence halls.
  • Do not lend your EmoryCard to someone else or borrow someone else’s card.
  • Do not let someone else into the building just because that person is standing right behind you as you let yourself in — or is standing outside the door as you let yourself out. The only way to ensure security is to make sure the door closes behind you, so that everyone entering the building has to either use an access card or call a resident to be let inside.
  • Do not expect or ask people entering or leaving the building to hold the door open for you. Use your EmoryCard for access if you live there, or, if you don't, call a resident to let you in.
  • Be alert and aware. Report any strange, suspicious or unusual behavior or events outside your residence to University Police.
  • If the security system is not working, report the problem and be patient until it is working again.
  • Do not try to use your EmoryCard to access any building other than the one for which it was issued. If you keep trying to open another residence hall door with your own EmoryCard, the Card will deactivate and no longer work for your own door.
  • Report a lost or stolen EmoryCard immediately to either your residential community area office or to University Police.