Student Financial Services


Billing statements are created for preterm billing, approximately five weeks before the start date of each term. These statements are posted on OPUS and an email is sent to each student for notification of this posting. In addition, students can create a Bill Payer email address to receive these same notifications. Student Financial Services does not mail paper statements. Billing statements are also generated on a monthly basis for any student with a remaining balance.

On July 5th 2007, Enrollment Services created a new function in OPUS available to all students. This new feature is known as Guest Access. Guest Access will allow students to permit up to five individuals, OPUS access to their student information. A guest may have access to a wide range of functions just like the student has in OPUS. The student is the owner of the IDs and passwords and can create the ability for their guests to view information from Admissions, Financial Aid, Registrar and Student Financial Services. Within the Student Financial Services menu, a guest can view the student account, view billing statements, make a payment or enroll in a payment plan on behalf of the student. Students can set up and maintain Guest Access by signing into OPUS and from the Student homepage, select the Guest Access tile.
We strongly encourage students to take advantage of this new functionality.

Unless specifically enrolled in an Emory Payment Plan, full payment of the student account balance is due by the date indicated on the statement. This date is usually two weeks before the start of class. A 1.5 percent finance charge will be assessed per month on any past due balance. Students are responsible for making account payments on time. If the student decides to mail a payment, (rather than pay on line) due dates are not extended because of lost or delayed mail.

Enrollment and Payment Guidelines
As a general rule, payment for any semester is due approximately ten days before the official start of the term. You will find a schedule of exact payment due dates on the Student Financial Services website. If you are enrolling during the late registration period or drop/add session for your school, payment is due on that day. If payment is not made by the end of the drop/add session, your schedule may be canceled.

Student Financial Services does not accept credit cards for payment on a student account. Instructions for wiring payment directly to a student account are available on the OPUS website. By enrolling for classes, students indicate that they are accepting responsibility for payment of charges for educational services. These include but are not limited to tuition, room, meal plans, activity and recreation fees, library charges, traffic fines, health service fees, late registration fees, and collection costs that might be incurred by Emory University in the collection of unpaid balances.