Student Financial Services

Additional Polices

Emory Payment Plan
Emory Payment Plan Emory University offers the Emory Payment Plan (EPP) as an alternative method for paying tuition, room, and board for fall and spring semesters. The plan allows academic expenses not covered by scholarships, loans, or other financial aid to be paid in four equal installments per term. Some specific charges, (i.e. fraternity dues, parking permit) are not eligible for the plan. The payment plan is not offered for the summer term. There is also a $60 nonrefundable fee, per semester, to apply for the payment plan. This fee is applied to the second payment of the plan.

To Enroll in the Emory Payment Plan and make a payment online, sign into OPUS and from the Student homepage, select the Financial Account tile > Make a Payment > Enroll in Payment Plan. This is the easiest and fastest way to complete your financial obligation.

EPP Payment Terms
The first installment is due by the published deadline appearing on the Student Financial Services website and is required to complete the registration process. The remaining installments are due in September, October, and November for fall semester and February, March, and April for spring semester. To avoid a finance charge, payments must be received by the twenty-fifth of the month in which they are due.
Delinquent student account obligations may be reported to a credit bureau. Late payments may affect the students eligibility for future participation in the plan. These payments may be made on line through OPUS. See the Make a Payment menu option.

Financial Holds/Cancellation
The policy of Emory University is that a student is not allowed to register for a subsequent semester until all past due financial obligations are paid. When a student account has an overdue balance an indicator is placed on the account. In addition to preventing future registration, this indicator may also deny access to University services. The University may not furnish transcripts or diplomas if a student is delinquent in paying student account or loan obligations.

Plus Loan Credit Balances
PLUS loan checks are mailed to the borrower/parent for endorsement. The borrower/parent returns the endorsed check to Financial Aid, along with a completed form stating where a refund (if any) should be sent. If the borrower does not designate who receives the refund (and other aid is not involved), the refund check will be issued to and mailed to the borrower/parent. Please note: The posting of the PLUS loan must create the overpayment on the account for a refund check to be issued to the parent.

NSF Checks and Returned OnLine Payments
All returned checks are re-deposited once. If the check still fails to clear, a $25 fee is assessed to the student's account. If the NSF check is for an initial registration payment, the student may have his classes canceled. Students/parents are urged to contact Student Financial Services if they have a NSF check. After three NSF checks, the student/parent will be required to make further payments with cash, cashier's check, or money order. A hold may also be placed on the cashing of personal checks at the cashier's office. If an online payment is NSF or Account Not Found, a $25 service fee is posted to the student account and the attempted payment is reversed. An enrollment hold may also be placed on the student account until the balance has been paid.

Complete Withdrawal
A student may completely withdraw from Emory with permission from the appropriate school dean. Unofficial withdrawal results in 100 percent forfeiture of tuition. When officially withdrawing, the student may be eligible for a refund of payments depending upon the date of withdrawal. Refunds are only processed for complete withdrawal. Financial aid awards that pay part or all of the student charges are prorated accordingly. Refunds for federal (Title IV) aid recipients will be prorated in accordance with federal regulations. No refunds are issued until all semester charges are paid in full. See the Emory Tuition Adjustment schedule for details.